2018. Guest Co-editor with Bethany Wiggin, German Studies Review. Special Issue on The Fall and Rise of Monolingualism 41(3).

2016. Guest Co-Editor with Aniruddha Dutta, Transgender Studies Quarterly. Special Double Issue on Translating Transgender 3(3-4).

2013–present. Translations Section Editor. Transgender Studies Quarterly:

  • Forthcoming, from the French. “Excerpts from Mémoirs de l’abbé de Choisy habillé en femme / Memoirs of the Abbot de Choisy dreßsed as a woman, by François-Timoléon de Choisy (1724 / 1839), translated by Emily Rose.
  •        2019, from the Italian. “Excerpts from  L’aurora delle trans cattive / The Dawn of the Bad Trans Women: Stories, Fragments and Lives of My Transgender Generation by Porpora Marcasciano, Rome: Alegre, 2018, translated by Serena Bassi. TSQ 6(1): 124–131.
  •        2018, from the Finnish. “Excerpts from Wurlitzer by Otto Lehtinen, translated by Douglas Robinson. TSQ 5(3): 487–494.
  • 2018, from the Turkish. “Trans Voices from Turkey: Pelm Ulaş Dutlu, Sibel Yükler with Gani Met, Meydan News with Esra Arıkan,” translated by Emrah Karakuş. TSQ 5(1): 111–120.
  • 2017, from the German. “The Issue of Blackness: Perspectives of Black Movement in Germany,” translated by Trez Norwood, Kyung Lee Gagum, Lydia Heiss, Tara Taylor, Judith Menzl, Patrick Ploschnitzki. TSQ 4(2): 301–310.
  • 2015, from the Japanese. “Queers and the Issue of Priority,” by Ray Tanaka, translated by S. P. F. Dale. TSQ 2(3): 526–531.
  • 2015, from the Italian. “Story 31,” by Giovanni Sercambi, translated from the Italian by Fabian Alfie. TSQ 2(3): 525–538.

2012–2020. Co-Editor with Chantelle WarnerCritical Multilingualism Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal: