Dr. Kyung Lee Gagum has accepted a faculty position at Midwestern State University, beginning in Fall 2019.

A forthcoming co-authored piece with Patrick Ploschnitzki will be published in Monatshelfte. Ploschnitzki’s published work can be viewed here.

A co-authored piece written with Yannleon Chen is under review with the Journal of Asian American Studies.

Martina Schwalm’s article on “Seven Types of Untranslatability” in Ilija Trojanov is here.

Ilker Hepkaner and my co-translated excerpt from our complete novel translation of Sabahattin Ali’s 1943 novel The Madonna in the Fur Coat is here.

A Co-translation of Peter Waterhouse’s prose poem “The Sound Valley,” produced with the students of German 450 “The Task of the Translator” (Spring 2013), is here.