Multilingual, 2.0?

(Fully re-rendered videos now available here.)

Multilingual, 2.0? An International Symposium Across the Disciplines, April 13-15, 2012, The University of Arizona Center for Creative Photography. Co-organized with Profs. Chantelle Warner, Abraham Acosta, and Aslı Iğsız. Major sponsorship from Confluence Center for Creative Inquiry, the Colleges of Humanities & Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the Department of German Studies.

Symposium Members: Thomas Paul Bonfiglio, Laura Callahan, Deborah Cameron, Randall Halle, Michael Holquist, Claire Kramsch, Don Kulick, Brian Lennon, Glenn Levine, Joshua Miller, Carol Pfaff, Alison Phipps, Mary Louise Pratt, Anthony Pym, Tom Ricento, Rohini Srihari, Yasemin Yildiz.

See NPR coverage here:

Deborah Cameron: “The One, The Many, and the Other: Representing Multi-/Monolingualism in Post 9/11 Verbal Hygiene”

Claire Kramsch: “Authenticity and Legitimacy in Multilingual Second Language Acquisition (SLA)”