Medical Humanities

Critical Discourse Analysis, Bioethics, and Race: A Qualitative Inquiry

Supported by a 2011-2012 Faculty Seed Grant. Award Amount $8,000. Research Assistant: Mija A. Sanders (MENAS).

This project links the insights of applied linguistics with qualitative data in the field of palliative medicine, resulting to date in two extramural lectures, one at the American Association of Applied Linguistics convention in Boston in March 2012, entitled “Beyond the Death Panels: The Sociolinguistics of End-of-Life Care Consultations.” A second invited lecture at the National Palliative Care Conversation Bank Consortium at the University of Rochester Medical School in early March, 2012, was titled “Laughing at the Dark: A Taxonomy of the Joke in End-of-Life Care Consultations.” 

This project has also led to the publication of one multi-authored article published in May 2012:

Gramling R, Norton SA, Ladwig S, Metzger M, DeLuca J, Schatz D, Gramling D, Epstein R, Quill T, Alexander S. “Direct observation of prognosis communication in palliative care: a descriptive study.” Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 2012; in press.

These combined results, made possible by Faculty Seed Grant support, have initiated a rare and fruitful collaboration between the social sciences, humanities, and health sciences, as well as between the University of Arizona, the University of Rochester Medical Center, and Duke University Medical School.