Keynote Lectures

  • 2020. “The Invention of Multilingualism.” Learned Society of Wales. Cardiff, UK. 20 March.
  • 2019. “Monolingualism Now: Fortification, Fragility, and Stamina.” Capstone conference for the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council Translating Cultures Theme. University of London Institute for Modern Languages Research / UK. 5 April.
  • 2019. “Un-Discovering Multilingualism.” Conference: “Polyglots and Polysystems? Researching multilingualism in contemporary Latin American and Latino literature and film,” KU-Leuven (Antwerp Campus) / Belgium, 15 March.
  • 2017. “Seven Stadia Long: On the Disorderly Social Sojourn of Collaborative Translation.” #Transcollaborate Symposium. Monash University in Prato / Italy, 3 July.
  • 2016. “Disinventing Monolingualism in Modern Language Research.” Transnationalizing Modern Languages conference. Italian Cultural Institute. London / United Kingdom, 2 December.
  • 2015. “Seven Types of Multilingualism.” Canadian Association of University Teachers of German. Ottawa, ON / Canada, 31 May.
  • 2014. “Face-Saving in Life-Saving: The Political Economy of End-of-Life Clinical Conversations.” Discourses on Death conference, School of Anthropology, University of Arizona, 9 November.
  • 2013. “East by Eastwest: The Literary Occident of Turkish Transnational Modernity.” Where East Meets West?, University of Pennsylvania Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures Graduate Conference. Pennsylvania, PA / USA, 21 February.

Invited Lectures (at peer institutions)

  • 2020. “Lecture and Workshop Title TBA.” World Languages and Cultures Speaker Series. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. 11 September.
  • 2020. “Translingual, transgender: Undoing Prefixial Ontologies.” University of California, Irvine. Department of English. February.
  • 2019. “Response to Robin Sabino: Who languages without languages?” The Pennsylvania State University, International Association for the Integrational Study of Langauge and Communication, State College, PA. 1 September.
  • 2019. “On Reelecting Monolingualism.” Princeton University, Program in European Cultural Studies, Princeton, NJ / USA. 8 April.
  • 2019. “Literature in the Linguacene.” University of Washington, Seattle / USA. 12 April.
  • 2018. “Translanguaging and the Norms of Literary Translation.” University of Iowa Masters in Fine Arts program in Literary Translation, Iowa City, IA / USA, 26 October.
  • 2018, via Skype due to military siege. “Incivility and Denunciation in an Age of Linguistic Injustice.” Islamic University of Gaza, Gaza City / Palestine. 2 November.
  • 2018, via Skype due to military siege. “The Promise and Principle of Linguistic Disobedience.” Islamic University of Gaza, Gaza City / Palestine. 16 October.
  • 2017. “An Invitation to Critical Multilingualism Studies.” Arizona State University School of International Letters and Cultures. 5 October.
  • 2016. “On Dwelling in the Linguacene: Monolingualism, Optimization, and the Deportation of Meaning.” University of Michigan Department of Germanic Languages. 17 March.
  • 2016. “On Dwelling in the Linguacene: Where Reactionary Monolingualism meets Hypomnesic Monolingualism.” Berkeley Language Center. University of California at Berkeley. 10 February.
  • 2015, via Skype. “Resistance and Language: Lessons from Viktor Klemperer.” Islamic University of Gaza. Gaza City / Palestine. 27 March.
  • 2014. “Toward an Anthropology of Monolingualism.” Department of Global Studies and Languages, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 4 December.
  • 2014. “Peter Waterhouse’s ‘The Sound Valley’ (2003) and the Translative Experience.” University of Iowa Masters in Fine Arts program in Literary Translation, Iowa City, IA / USA, 10 November.
  • 2014 “Re-Languaging Europe? A Critique of Multilingual Reason.” European Cultural Dis/Unification, European Union Center of Excellence and The European Studies Center. University of Pittsburgh, PA / USA, 22 February.
  • 2013. “A Right to Untranslatability? Multilingualism, Translation, and the Passing of World Literaricity.” The University of Maryland Department of Germanic Studies. College Park, MD / USA, 20 February.
  • 2013. “‘Die Übersetzung wird erst interessant, wenn sie ausser Kontrolle gerät’: Peter Waterhouse und seine mehr- oder wenigersprachige Welt.” [‘Translation first becomes interesting, when it gets out of control’: Peter Waterhouse and his more- or less-languaged world.”] Middlebury College German School. Middlebury, VT / USA, 4 July.
  • 2012. “The Invention of Monolingualism.” University of Richmond, Department of Modern Languages, Richmond, VA / USA, 15 November.
  1. “Multilingual Second Language Acquisition: Insights and Implications, by way of Peter Waterhouse’s ‘Klangtal’ (2003).” University of California, Berkeley, DAAD German Language Teaching Methodology Workshop. Berkeley, CA / USA, 8–9 November.
  2. “Laughing at the Dark: A Taxonomy of the Joke in End-of-Life Care Consultations.” The National Palliative Care Conversation Bank Consortium. University of Rochester Medical School. Rochester, NY / USA, 2 March.

Colloquium Contributions at National and International Conferences

  • 2018. “Is there a Right to Untranslatability?: Legal and Applied Linguistic Perspectives.” American Association for Applied Linguistics. Chicago, IL, 28 March.
  • 2017. “Translating Culture in the Linguacene: On the Political Economy and Large-scale Impact of Cross-Linguistic Data Retrieval (CLIR).”  International Association of Applied Linguistics, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil, 27 July.
  • 2016. “Arizona, Linguistic Apartheid, and Comparative European Perspectives.” National Association for Ethnic Studies, Tucson, AZ / USA, 17 March.
  • 2015. “Multilingualism in German Studies Curricula.” American Association of Teachers of German, San Diego, CA / USA, 20–22 November.
  • 2014, with Claire Kramsch. “Recording vs. Communicating Trauma:  The Language Dilemma of Holocaust Survivors.” Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée. Brisbane, Queensland / Australia, 10–15 August.
  • 2013, with Maureen Freely and Aron Aji. “The Turkish Translation Trust.” American Literary Translators Association. Bloomington, IN / USA, 16 October.

Other Conference Talks

  • “Translating from a Translative Language: Sabahattin Ali and the Early Turkish Republic of Letters.” American Literary Translators Association. Milwaukee, WI / USA, 12–15 November.
  • “Translating Transgender: Pronouns, Pre-ops, and Prosody in Murathan Mungan’s short story ‘The Tears of Love, or Rapunzel and the Raven’ [‘Aşkın Gözyaşları, ya da Rapunzel ile Avare’} (1984).” American Literary Translators Association. Bloomington, IN / USA, 17 October.
  • “Yolculuk nereye? / Journey to Where? Disarticulating the Turkish Turn in German Studies.” Middle East Studies Association. New Orleans, LA / USA, 10 October.
  • “The Application Word Quit Unexpectedly: Hofmannsthal’s 21st-Century Afterlife.” German Studies Association. Castleton, CO / USA, 3 October.
  • “Beyond the Death Panels: The Sociolinguistics of End-of-Life Care Consultations.” American Association for Applied Linguistics, Boston, MA / USA, 26 March.
  • “New German Literature—in Turkish?” Modern Language Association. Los Angeles, CA / USA, 27–30 December.
  • “What is / was Monolingualism?” German Studies Association. Oakland, CA / USA. 7–10 October.
  • “Das Dilemma des kosmopolitischen Monolingualismus in der interkulturellen Germanistik.” [“The Dilemma of Cosmopolitan Monolingualism in Intercultural German Studies.”] Internationale Vereinigung für Germanistik [International Congress of Germanistics], University of Warsaw, Warsaw / Poland, 30 July–7 August.

Invited Symposium Contributions at Peer Institutions

  • “Workshop: The Right of Languages: Justice, Translatability, and Multilingualism Princeton University, Program in European Cultural Studies, Princeton, NJ / USA. 9 April.
  • “Einsprachigkeit und Sprachdifferenz.” [“Monolingualism and Linguistic Difference.”} University of Luxembourg, 26 April.
  • 2014, with Chantelle Warner. “Translating Multilingualism in the Southwestern Borderlands: Three Case Studies.” Researching Multilingually Symposium. Durham / England. 17 October.
  • with Chantelle Warner, “Multilingual Ecologies in the American Southwest Borderlands.” Researching Multilingually Grant Launch. University of Glasgow / Scotland, 26 May.
  • Conversations at the End of Life.” The Ohio State University Center for Folklore Studies. Columbus, OH / USA, 7 February.
  • “Hysterical Postsecularism: Rhetorics of Indifference toward Islam in Europe and the US.” Symposium: “Mobilizing Difference: Gender, Islam, and the Production of Contemporary Europeanness.” University of Illinois. Champaign, IL / USA, 12 September.
  • “Die Erfindung des Monolingualismus.” Symposium: “Mehrsprachige Gegenwartsliteratur – philologische Herausforderungen.” Laboratoire de linguistique et de littérature allemande. University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, 22 September.
  • “’You Pray Like We Have Fun’: Toward a Phenomenology of Secular Islam.” Humboldt Kolleg International Conference: “Migration, Religion, and Germany.”The Ohio State University, Mershon Center for International Security Studies. Columbus, OH / USA, 8–09 April.
  • 2010, with Chantelle Warner. “Toward a Contact Pragmatics of Literature.” Traditions and Transitions in German Curricula, Waterloo Center for German Studies, University of Waterloo, Ontario / Canada. 28 August.