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Associate Professor of German Studies, Director of Graduate Studies Co-Editor of Critical Multilingualism Studies | Co-Investigator, Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language, the Body, Law, and the State (2014–2017)

Civility and Denunciation in an Age of Linguistic Injustice

Talk script: “Dear friends in Gaza, it is lovely to see you again this afternoon. Thank you for joining me once again to explore some of our shared ideas and hopes and ambitions for the future. I think, when we … Continue reading

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The Invention of Monolingualism, the Audiobook?

Someone I love said the other day there would be a better chance they’d read my work if there was a listenable version. So I’m trying it out to see what it sounds / feels like. This is just the … Continue reading

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The Affront of Untranslatability

A chapter in Duncan Large, Motoko Akashi, Wanda Józwikowska, Emily Rose (Eds.), Untranslatability: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Routledge, 2018 Untranslatability is, already on the face of it, a less-than-amicable discourse, prone to offence and to disturbing interdisciplinary peace. Now a century and a half since … Continue reading

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Practicing Multilingual Research: A Special Issue of Critical Multilingualism Studies

300-word statements of interest by February 1, 2018 Drafts due for peer review by May 1, 2018 Guest Editor: Emily Linares “I send a copy [of my first book] to my father. I should have known better. His reply is … Continue reading

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Transgender Studies Quarterly invites translators & translation curators to publish

Twice yearly, Transgender Studies Quarterly (Duke University Press, print-publishes a short “translations” section of about 3000 words, which features translated texts (literary, interviews, historical, poetic, journalistic, legal decisions, etc.) that have to do with transgender experience in some significant … Continue reading

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New Article in Tilburg Law Review

Is there A Right to Untranslatability?: Asylum, Evidence and the Listening State | Link to article co-authored with Sarah Craig, Senior Lecturer in Public Law, University of Glasgow This article focuses on Refugee Status Determination (rsd) procedures, in order to understand the relationships … Continue reading

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Visiting Arizona State University

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