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Associate Professor of German Studies, Director of Graduate Studies Co-Editor of Critical Multilingualism Studies | Co-Investigator, Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language, the Body, Law, and the State (2014–2017)

The Affront of Untranslatability

A chapter in Duncan Large, Motoko Akashi, Wanda Józwikowska, Emily Rose (Eds.), Untranslatability: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Routledge, 2018 Untranslatability is, already on the face of it, a less-than-amicable discourse, prone to offence and to disturbing interdisciplinary peace. Now a century and a half since … Continue reading

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Practicing Multilingual Research: A Special Issue of Critical Multilingualism Studies

300-word statements of interest by February 1, 2018 Drafts due for peer review by May 1, 2018 Guest Editor: Emily Linares “I send a copy [of my first book] to my father. I should have known better. His reply is … Continue reading

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Transgender Studies Quarterly invites translators & translation curators to publish

Twice yearly, Transgender Studies Quarterly (Duke University Press, print-publishes a short “translations” section of about 3000 words, which features translated texts (literary, interviews, historical, poetic, journalistic, legal decisions, etc.) that have to do with transgender experience in some significant … Continue reading

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New Article in Tilburg Law Review

Is there A Right to Untranslatability?: Asylum, Evidence and the Listening State | Link to article co-authored with Sarah Craig, Senior Lecturer in Public Law, University of Glasgow This article focuses on Refugee Status Determination (rsd) procedures, in order to understand the relationships … Continue reading

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Visiting Arizona State University

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Palliative Care Conversations: Clinical and Applied Linguistic Perspectives

de Gruyter 2018, series Language and Social Life, co-authored with Robert Gramling MD, DSc (University of Vermont). Pre-order here.   An excerpt from the first page of the book: “Palliative Care Conversations arose from the interactional work of hundreds of people … Continue reading

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I travel to Prato, Italy, this week to talk with colleagues from the #Transcollaborate working group about the ins and outs of collaborative translating in 2017. My talk description is below. Seven Stadia Long: On the Disorderly Social Sojourn of … Continue reading

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