Spring 2013 Course: GER 274: “Dialogue of the Sexes”

[TRAD Tier Two: Class, Ethnicity, or Non-Western Area Studies; Individuals and Societies]

  • How do men and women talk to (and about) one another?  Does gender make people use language differently?
  • How do genders and gendered language vary across cultures, communities, professions & history?
  • What does love—and politics, family, friendship, religion, money, sexuality, ambition, biology, and tradition—have to do with it?

This course brings together insights from cultural studies, sociolinguistics, German film and literature, and political theory to understand how people of various genders represent themselves and others in their spoken and symbolic interactions. Particular attention will be given to German-speaking and transcultural contexts, using a mix of primary texts (autobiography, music, poetry, literature) and secondary texts (social theory, empirical studies, etc.). Course Poster

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Associate Professor of German Studies, Director of Graduate Studies Co-Editor of Critical Multilingualism Studies | cms.arizona.edu Co-Investigator, Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language, the Body, Law, and the State (2014–2017)
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