Spring 2013 Course: GER 450: “The Task of the Translator”

Tuesday and Thursday, 11am-12:15, taught in GermanImage

  • Is translating as easy as riding a bike?
  • Is anything by nature “untranslatable”?
  • Is translation itself a practice, a product, an experience, a task, an identity, a profession, a coincidence, a burden, an art?
  • Can one translate within a language, or only across languages?
  • Who were the major translators in German cultural and literary history?
  • What kinds of translating do people do, as a matter of course, every day?

This course will combine insights from Translation Studies, applied linguistics, and German cultural / literary studies to help students develop skills, knowledge, and experience in translating a number of literary and non-literary genres, including song texts, short essays, advertising texts, everyday speech, and historical artifacts. We will learn about how to negotiate literal and connotative meaning across codes, idioms, cultures, communities, and symbolic systems. We will explore the idea of “being a translator” as an everyday social and cultural practice.  Course Poster

About livelongday

Associate Professor of German Studies, Director of Graduate Studies Co-Editor of Critical Multilingualism Studies | cms.arizona.edu Co-Investigator, Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language, the Body, Law, and the State (2014–2017)
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