Critical Multilingualism Studies: A Roundtable

Oct. 5, 2011, 12:00-1:30PM, COPPER ROOM, STUDENT UNION
Lunch will be served. Space is limited; to attend, kindly RSVP to Dr. Chantelle Warner by 9/29/11:

•    How has a theory, a discourse, or a scholarly tradition vis-à-vis multilingualism developed over the course of and past two decades? How can we describe and understand this development in historical and epistemological terms? What is the “state of the discourse” today?
•    Is monolingualism a modern invention? Did it exist in any recognizable way before the early European Enlightenment?
•    How have multilingual practices over the past two decades kept pace with, outpaced, or otherwise challenged the theories we have developed to account for those phenomena? Is multilingualism today primarily a matter of mastering languages or one of differential positioning?
•    What “blind spots” still persist in this scholarship on multilingualism, and what reorientations may be necessary in order to address them? What opportunities do scholars forego by subsuming phenomena of “multilingualism” under the analytical rubric of “multiculturalism”?
•    Given that each discipline has its own language and communicates within its frameworks, how can we use “multilingualism” as a working concept to engage possibilities of interdisciplinary dialogues? What kinds of comparative methods can we use to study multilingualism?
•    Is the theory and practice of multilingualism always a local matter, a supranational one? When is multilingualism inclusionary and when exclusionary?
•    If multilingualism implies the existence, coevalness, and cohabitation of various languages, does it also necessarily imply their mutual commensurability? How does multilingualism differ from heteroglossia or hybridity?
•    What is the political economy underwriting assumptions about multilingualism and monolingualism? To what extent is ‘translatability’ an abrogation of multilinguality as such?

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Associate Professor of German Studies, Director of Graduate Studies Co-Editor of Critical Multilingualism Studies | Co-Investigator, Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language, the Body, Law, and the State (2014–2017)
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