Fisch out of Water! An Evening of Accented Languages

You are invited to take part in a new co-curricular interdisciplinary endeavor—a local, monthly event called Fisch out of Water.

The goal of Fisch out of Water is to encourage speakers of foreign and second languages to use their own voices in non-native ways, in the company of their peers. Concretely, Fisch out of Water invites language learners to read / perform a poem or short prose text in the language(s) they are currently learning or have learned. In so doing, we hope to celebrate accents, the aesthetics of the human voice, and the pleasures of the non-native speaker.

Readers can perform an original piece, a translation of their own, or an already existing translation. They can also pair up with a native speaker of the respective language, and invite that person to read a back-translation of the piece in English (or another language). Of course, we would also welcome performances in American Sign Language, dance and music, visual art, and other languages—in the broadest sense of the word. Translations into English will be projected during, before, or after each reading, according to the preference of each performer.

Our first Fisch out of Water event will take place on Thursday, February 21, at 7pm—at Casa Libre en la Solana, 228 North Fourth Avenue, near the Shanty and the downtown train station. Performers of all ages, languages, and educational circumstances are welcome to read and listen. We would like to line up about seven readers for the first event, though we’re also hoping to foster an improvisational atmosphere that will yield open discussion and exchange. The series will continue on a monthly basis, under the co-sponsorship of Casa Libre, IKON, the UofA Department of German Studies, and the School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SILLC).

Do you have anyone in mind, who might like to read or otherwise take part in our first event in February? Mull it over, and/or contact David Gramling at .


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